Dear Market Basket

Dear Market Basket –

I used to refuse to shop at your stores because I was a snob but now that I am an adult with a little baby I can’t resist the charm of your oh so cheap prices. You have started to offer natural and organic products, which for me was also a huge selling point. I still hate how crowded you are no matter what day of the week I shop, but I guess when you offer such a discount you insure that you will always be busy. Overall I have become somewhat satisfied with your store but can you please stop giving me so many plastic bags??? Does a bottle of ketchup really need its own bag? I know, I know, I should be brining my own resuable bags but for some reason I keep forgetting them in my closet. I have a great idea for you though, if you made me bring my own bags and didn’t offer any at your store it would force me to remember and probably save you money allowing you to lower you prices even further and gain even more business. So what do you say? Can you help me to be responsible by being responsible?

Thank you ever so much,

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