The Day the Simpsons Saved Me

So Madi and I took our first trip together to VA this past week, hence the lack of blogging, but anyway … I was pretty nervous about taking her on the plane by myself but I shouldn’t have worried considering I just may have the worlds best baby ( I’m obviously slightly prejudice:)). Our first plane ride was in the morning, which ended up being perfectly timed after her feeding and around her morning nap time. She slept like an angel the whole way there and the guy next to me commented as we were landed, “Wow! You’ve got a great baby.” To which I replied, “I know, she takes after me.” Just kidding about the last part. 🙂 We enjoyed a wonderful week with my family and both Mommy and Madi were spoiled rotten. Ahh! Family!

Our flight back was not quite as smooth. For some reason they made me take her stroller with me to the plane when in Boston I had been allowed to check it with my suitcase. So I took her out of the Bjorn and put her in the stroller, we get to the security checkpoint and I found out I had to take her out of the stroller. Great! So out of the stroller now and into the Bjorn again. Security was slow as molasses and when I finally got up to the scanner no one was there to help me lift my stroller onto the conveyor belt and when I did get it up there it wouldn’t fit! Of course Mr. Security didn’t notice my dilemma even though he was watching a screen waiting for items to go through – “Um, hello? Didn’t you notice your screen was blank?” So I called him over and told him my stroller wouldn’t fit, he of course had to try for himself and finally said, “Hm, I think you’re right.” No! Really? My stroller than had to be hand checked because chances were I was carrying dangerous items in my stroller.

When I was finally free, I had to rush like crazy and find elevators because I couldn’t do stairs or escalators with the stupid stroller! I finally made it to my gate with 10mins to spare. Phew! At that point Madi had fallen asleep in the Bjorn. Score! Or so I thought until the stewardess informed me that I couldn’t have her in the Bjorn because she was safer sitting in my lap facing forward. Really? My 3month old sitting face forward instead of securely in the Bjorn? This was not a problem when I was flying out of Boston … So of course she woke up. She did great for a while but really, you can only entertain a baby for so long and our flight was an hour long. Now I have a strict no TV policy for Madison, she is not allowed to watch it at all. I was flying JetBlue so I had the news on the screen in front of me, no sound, so I could check the time. At 7:00pm, the Simpsons came on and because its colorful, it caught Madi’s eye and saved the day! She sat contently in my lap for the rest of the flight, doing two things she will not be allowed to do again anytime soon, watch TV and watch the Simpsons. Its amazing what you will do in moments of desperation so your child wont scream. And I always said I wouldn’t be one of those parents … 🙂

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