Sarah Amber

So I have decided that this post will be dedicated to my baby sister Sarah. Call it prophetic, call intuition, call plain crazy, but before my mom was even pregnant with my sister, I knew she was coming. I was eight years old when I told my mother, who at that time had four children, that she was going to have a baby and that her name was going to be Sarah. She laughed, she told me that it would be my daughter, but I somehow knew intuitively that my sister was coming! When she was born, my mom told me that I just took over, I was her second mom. I can remember rocking her to sleep, feeding her bottles, and singing to her when she cried.

Now she is seventeen, she is beautiful, vivacious, strong, and full of possibility. I am amazed sometimes at the person she has become. Five and a half years ago, she moved ten hours away from me and I miss her a lot. This is her last year of high school and she has promised to come home, to come back to live with her second mom. A part of me wants to hold her to this, but another part of me knows that there is a big world out there waiting for her to explore and so my wish is that no matter what, she will do more than I ever did – I hope she will travel, that she will live and live and live before she settles down.

I love you baby girl! You are the closest I get to peeking ahead into Madison future … And if she’s like you, I am one very blessed Mama, twice over.

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