Trying to figure out what you REALLY believe

Taken, with permission of course :), from my friends Facebook page. I thought it was very well said and worth reading …
“Trying to figure out what you REALLY believe about the world, people, church, and family, is a long process–It means looking at all sides of every argument of each topic you are thinking about–Even the sides that we think are ridiculous, not just the sides of the argument that are in favor of what you originally thought, or what you were raised to think.

To my fellow Christians–As Christians, …taking all of these points of view, (conservative, liberal, independent, on all issues fiscal, social, relational), and bringing them to the foundation of scripture, and doing our best to have an unbiased approach while doing so, is the only way to ensure that we are not just believing and living out things that are only based on what other people (even intelligent, Godly people) have told us before. It’s a lifelong, annoying, grueling process that many of us (including myself) have in the past, seen as being unnecessary, because many of us believe (and were raised to believe) that we already have it figured out. This is our biggest problem.

If we are only discussing these major life topics with people that agree with us, then we are not actually doing any truth seeking, but are only reinforcing our own opinions about the world. This will not help anyone, and when we are suddenly in conversations with people who challenge our beliefs and opinions, we will appear shy, sheepish, biased and uninformed. In such crazy times, we cannot afford to be this way.”
by Madolyn Zani.
I have had the privelage of knowing Maddy since we were very young ladies. She is a music extraordinaire, she sings, writes music, plays violin, guitar, and piano. She is beautiful inside and out, and I am really proud of the woman she has become. I only wish we could go back to the less hectic days so that we could actually see eachother once and a while. 🙂

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