Moments with Madison #1

Madison fell off  a chair the other night and after crying for a bit, getting kissed and cuddled, etc., she headed over to another chair and said, “On this one, not fall off!” Lesson learned? Be careful which chair you choose to sit in.

Ever since I took Madison to Starbucks to try her first Hot Cocoa, she has started to randomly demand “Coffee.” In her mind, Coffee = Starbucks = Hot Cocoa. This is especially fun when I am in a public place such as a grocery store, I imagine people wondering what kind of crazy mother am I that I allow her to drink coffee …

Another thing she demands lately is Ice Cream, and when I say lately, I actually mean ALL the time. In fact she woke up this morning asking for it for breakfast and when I tried to explain to her that we actually didn’t have any in the house she just yelled “Ice Cream!” even louder. I guess she’s like one of those people who assumes that someone who doesn’t speak English will understand if you just say it louder. “Mom, you obviously don’t get what I am saying so I guess I will continue to yell until you do!”

If you tell Madison to do her “exercises” she will pull out her now famous move which is a Downward Dog of sorts, often with one leg in the air if she wants to kick it up a notch. Recently, she pulled out her own modified version of a Burpee – which I have to say is pretty darn cute! We were watching Dr. Oz the other day and he had the P90X guy, Tony Horton, giving the audience a demonstration. She was very upset when the show went to a commercial break right in the middle of her “work out.” ๐Ÿ™‚

Madison loves all things musical, often she will sing and make up songs. She loves to watch music videos on YouTube, in fact just a week or two ago she actually pulled out her first air guitar while watching a video. She will make anything into a microphone, and loves to sing her own little songs, I have never been able to really make sense of what she is saying until a couple of days ago when with perfect pitch and clarity, she made up and sang, “What do Monkeys say, what do Monkeys day, hoo, hoo, ha …” She also adores drums, and will use anything to make a beat, this is all fun and games unless were out to eat and its dish and spoon … I am sure we are well loved in most restaurants. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I love this kiddo, she’s one amazing, little wild child. She fills my heart to the brim and keeps this mama on our toes!

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