A Move & a Name Change

I have decided to become a little more official, maybe even a little more serious, and also to be more focused in my blogging. As much as I loved my former blog title, “Banana  Pancakes,” it had little to do with what I was writing and a lot more to do with a former life that Jeremy and I had where weekends meant lazy morning and banana pancakes.

Sometimes we still have banana pancakes for breakfast; but, more often than not we pour a bowl of Joe’s O’s or make Eggs, Madison’s two favorites, while I eat a quick piece of toast and try to finish my coffee before it gets cold. Our life has changed in some really crazy ways and in some really wonderful ways as well.

One of the wonderful ways that life has changed for me is that it has opened my heart to a whole new world of daily learning, growing, imagining, and creating. This is especially true for me now that Madison is a hands-on, interactive, little being. Every day is new life lesson and things that didn’t even cross my radar before now matter deeply to me. So I hope you will join us in this new chapter of our journey and maybe even learn a thing or two along with us.

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