Just Say Yes To the Mess!

By nature I’ve always been a bit of a  control freak, I can’t relax in chaos, I’ve always needed some type of structure, schedule, and certaintity. Then I became a mother, and in the beginning, I was the schedule Nazi. It was livable for a while but not enjoyable ever. Over time as I have relaxed into my new role and become aware of the fact that there is no certainty in parenting, I’ve begun to let go and just live! I still believe in schedule but I also believe in spontanity.  Now it seems we’ve found a happy medium of a schedule with lots of wiggle room!

One of the biggest lessons I have learned in parenting is Letting Go.

That being said, I know with all my heart that creativity, art, and sensory play are so very important to early childhood development.

Parents who encourage the creative skills of pretending, imaginative thinking, fantasizing and inventiveness help their child deal with the world in which they live. And these skills will help in problem solving, getting along with others and understanding their world. When used in art and other areas, these skills build self-confidence–essential for now and for the future. – Carolyn R. Tomlin

These activites are also messy! As a child, making a mess was not a good thing now that I have a child of my own I am internally telling myself on a constant basis, “Relax, its no big deal.” My goal as a parent is to create a fun, happy, and warm environment for my child to grow and thrive in as the person she is. So in light of this, I have learned to Just Say Yes To the Mess!

Here are some ways we say Yes To the Mess:

Flour Play Afterall, its just flour and who cares if its all over the floor thats what the vaccum is for!

Paint Your Body – Afterall, the paint is washable and non-toxic. 🙂

Water Play – Afterall, its water and you may get wet, but you’ll dry!

What are some ways you say Yes To the Mess?

2 thoughts on “Just Say Yes To the Mess!

  1. It seems like my house is always covered in Legos and trains! But he loves to build things and I love to watch his little imagination at work.

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