Moments with Madison

Today was our first time back at the Y for swim lessons in a while. At first Madison was nervous and clinging to me but soon she was back to herself again, enjoying the water. At this age, all the kiddos wear bubbles; I am not a big fan because they tend to tip her sideways but they are somewhat helpful. Today though she was not only wearing the bubble but the teacher also handed her a pool noodle and it was like she was born for this moment! She was yelling something at me but I couldn’t make it out at first and then I realized she was saying, “Let go!” So I did, and she took off on her own. For the first time she was moving around the pool without my help at all. I was amazed and so very proud! Life lesson, if you want your child to thrive sometimes you have to let go …

Tonight, we had our own dance party. As I’ve said before, this kiddo LOVES music! We danced our hearts out and all I could think of when I saw her happy face was, “these are the moment’s memories and heart to heart connections are made.” It’s the small things; it’s the little moments, which connect you with your child in meaningful ways that will bring you closer to your child and keep you close as well. I’ll be honest, I am not always good at this. I am by nature a “busy” person but I am learning to slow down and just enjoy the silliness and even the repetitiveness that comes with being a toddler. We danced our hearts out, we laughed, we were silly, and we cuddled – melt my heart!

Before bed Madi likes to watch a “moonie” in mama’s bed on the laptop. On nights when Jeremy is working late, I like to have her stay with me and fall asleep in my bed. Tonight thought, she hopped down and said, “No, the baby bed!” If things are small, she refers to them as “baby.” She didn’t want to sleep in my bed, she wanted her own bed. And so I was reminded just how quickly she is growing up, how fast she is becoming a little girl, and just how important it really is to slow down, let go, and be in the moment with my girl.

One thought on “Moments with Madison

  1. So beautiful. I too am by nature a busy person, and there has never been anything that has motivated me to slow down more than my children. Thanks for sharing such poignant thoughts 🙂

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