Goodbye 5k, Hello Meaningful Moments

I was supposed to be getting ready to run a 5k this morning. Instead, Madi & I are sat on the couch. I had my coffee, she had her strawberries and cottage cheese, and we watched “Charlotte’s Web” until it was time to go to swim class. It’s times like these that I miss my family the most. Its times like these that I am grateful, so very grateful, that Madison wakes up so excited to see me and so full of life.

I am disappointed to miss my run, I am sad because it’s isolating when you’re husband works what seems like all the time, and your family lives twelve hours away. It’s beyond frustrating when you can’t run with your jogger because an airline broke it and their “solution” was to send you a voucher to fly again – because A. Of course I want to fly with them again and B. Free Flight = I don’t need a jogger anymore, right? I am sure you can see the problem with that equation.

Despite the frustration, despite the sadness as I contemplated how much I missed my family and how bummed I was to miss the race, I am so grateful for the moments of joy brought to me by my daughter that I might have missed had I been busy doing my thing. I am also grateful for this quiet moment I have to write because Jeremy is finally home and is currently giving the girly a bath.

Watching her giggle in the pool while she swam, she is getting so good at swimming off on her own. We spent time in one of our favorite coffee shops for breakfast with our computers, books, markers, and paper. We played in the yard and enjoyed the beautiful weather. We organized the recycling together, which may sound boring to you but she thought she was a pretty cool kid! She took a nap in Mama’s bed because apparently her room wasn’t dark enough. We watched a movie and cuddled. We played outside some more. All in all, we had a really beautiful day and I am again struck by how these simple moments in time mean so much to her.

At one point, when I was feeling very sad, I called my own Mom, and I started to cry. Madison, who was playing in the yard nearby, came running up gave me a big hug and began rubbing my face. Thinking I was upset with the dog (who had made a mess in the house), once we were finished in the yard and back inside she proceeded to tell him, in a very scolding tone, “No, you’re a bad boy!” She has my heart, this beautiful, crazy, little soul, forever and always.

I love this crazy, tragic,
Sometimes almost magic,
Awful, beautiful life.

Darryl Worely

6 thoughts on “Goodbye 5k, Hello Meaningful Moments

  1. Leah, this may sound so silly but this means so much to me!!! As someone who just met you, as a mother, and as someone who is single and wants you to realize (and I know you do) how lucky u are…it was a fricking sniffle fest. I am happy I met you, and happy for you!!! PS. Don’t Spill the wine. XOXO

  2. Sorry you didn’t get to run yesterday:( I didn’t run either. We will all have to find a race we can do together! Nolan is going to be working a lot more weekends soon. We should get together with the girls! I know how much Madi loved our ‘playground’! LOL! 🙂

  3. Sorry you didn’t get to run yesterday:( I didn’t either. We will all have to find a race that we can run together! Nolan will be working more weekends soon. We should get together with the girls! I know how much Madi loved Kayla’s ‘playground’! LOL! 🙂

  4. This post is beautifully written, and speaks the truth that all mothers feel — the intensity of loneliness, even when we are surrounded by the love of our children. It just happens, at times. Especially when you are the primary caregiver. But I think you are doing great! Your day with your daughter sounds perfect. My kids LOVE helping with the recycling, it’s crazy. 🙂 You are smart to write these precious moments down. I bet they will bring you nothing but happiness as your daughter grows.

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