The Beauty of Not Fighting


Here she is, napping peacefully next to me. Naps had become a challenge once she learned she could get out of her bed without my help.

I was so overwhelmed, lost, & confused. I spent two weeks trying to figure out what to do. The back and forth of putting her back in her bed was frustrating to both of us, not to mention it wasn’t working … Skipping her nap wasn’t optional yet. This little wild child still needs to crash at some point mid-day.

When I finally let go of my agenda and my fear of creating a “bad habit,” we found the solution. It was so very simple, the solution was ME. So now if she is having a hard time going down for a nap, I lay next to her and rest while she falls asleep. It works everytime and there’s no need to fight.

Afterall, where else could I possibly need to be that would be more important than her need for me?

3 thoughts on “The Beauty of Not Fighting

  1. I ended up doing the same thing with my munchkin for a few months just to get her to sleep. I thought I was setting myself up for a bad habit of her needing me to sleep. But finally after several months of her needing me to be next to her for her to nap she has FINALLY passed this stage. Figting her nap time is a thing of the past and she doesn’t need me be next to her to take her nap which is nice sometimes. Apparently a lot of little ones go through this stage. It was hard and sometimes frustrating but like everything else so far is just a stage.

    1. Thanks Marisol, as my goal is to eventually have her back to sleeping independently this is good to hear. 🙂

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