Strong: The New Skinny

So I just realized today that somewhere along the lines of my fitness journey my mindset has changed in a wonderful way. I am no longer focused on calorie counting or constantly wondering if I have gained weight, in fact I don’t even care anymore. My ultimate goal now is STRENGTH. Now that’s a healthy goal! ūüôā


I will never, ever downplay the value of portion control or the incredible benefits that come with eating whole and healthy foods; but, if you are doing this already than stop worrying about how much you weigh or even how skinny you are. As someone who has always obssesed with my weight, this new found mindset is incredibly liberating.

I look back on this past year and a half, and I am amazed sometimes at how far I have come mentally, physically, and emotionally. I know for a fact that working out has played a huge part in keeping me sane and also helping me grow. When you begin to push yourself physically, past the pain, past the point that you thought you could go, it carries over into all aspects of your life.


You have a choice, you can lay down and give up or you can keep on moving until you find your way out. Of course there will be times when you want to give up and even momentarily may give up, but you have not failed until you refuse to pick yourself up and start again.


Healthy Body Image Рstrength of mind, strength of character, strength of purpose, and strength of body.

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