Blessings in the Moments

My last post was tough, full of my angst and frustration, dealing with the realities of returning to work when I didn’t really want to. Since then, it seems we have turned a corner of sorts. Don’t get me wrong, winning the lottery still = quitting my job to be with Madi; but for now we have entered a rhythm of sorts that will hopefully continue as long as it is needed.

I have had interesting and new challenges as I begin a new school year with many new little friends who haven’t got a clue when it comes to Preschool. We’ve had some chaotic days these past two weeks but I truly have a great class and I am looking forward to seeing them grow and develop over the next few months. It’s the small things that make this challenging job so rewarding.

I am rewarded when I see a little one who has dissolved into tears every day since starting, actually smiling, playing, and talking during sports class, it truly was a monumental moment for him. I am rewarded by the thoughtful gift of a fresh picked apple brought in by another one of my little ones. I am rewarded when I overhear one little boy comforting another little boy who is crying by telling him, “Buck up Buddy! We’re a team.” I am rewarded by the lots of little hugs as well. They are such precious, precocious, little loves.

Madison is easing into her school routine, we’ve found that if I stay out of eyesight at school, she never cries and in fact has lots of fun and even gets a little bossy with her friends – Oh is she my girl! Our days are short and for that we are blessed. Today after nap we had the whole afternoon at home together to play and play we did, and read stories and watch the dancers on Ellen and play some more. 😉

Then we spent the night together as a family, and Madi was in rare form! She was full of silliness and giggles. At one point Jeremy asked her, “Are you very happy?” She responded, “Yeah, SO happy!” And that’s when I just about started to cry because I realized she is indeed happy, she is so very loved, and guess what? We’re all going to be fine!

Life is hard, life is challenging, but ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE and lots of silliness! Life is Good and I am counting my blessings tonight.

 “To witness miracles unfold in your experience, count your blessings and be thankful. Perceived small blessings accumulate to be the most powerful.” – T.F. Hodge

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