Take Me Back

Take me back to the time when you were all mine …

Comforted only by the warmth of my body, the beat of my heart

Those precious moments in time before you could speak

But yet you somehow spoke volumes to me


Now I look at you, beautiful you

And a little sadness creeps in as you run away

You’re only heading off to play

But still it’s hard to let go even in the small things


You take life by force, without fear

And I am frustrated yet so very proud

Growing, becoming, laughing, yelling,

Being You


Dancing through your days, with dreams all your own

Imaginary tales with such creative plots

A sense of humor beyond your years

Fills our home with laughter

IMG_3212This love so strong,

It breaks my heart and fills it at the same time

You are my best girl, girl of mine

You will always be

The sweetest gift ever given to me


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