Be Here Now


This is one of my favorite sketches; that is my brain … ALL THE TIME!

I have begun to consider the implications of how my whirling mind keeps me from living in the present moment … I am always thinking, planning, over analyzing. How can I even begin to live in the present if my mind is everywhere else?

My journey lately has led me down a path of mindfulness and learning to control my emotions. I am reminded time and again that I have a choice – I can allow circumstances and uncertainties to cloud my vision and keep my mind spinning out of control or I can take the time to quiet my mind, take a deep breath, and stop to see the beautiful life that surrounds me.

Life is always changing, always moving. You can go with the flow or go kicking and screaming; either way you are moving forward so why not choose to do so with grace and joy?

So my challenge for myself, my challenge for you – BE HERE NOW!

BE HERE NOW in mindfulness, with joy, and embrace the beauty of life even in the moments where beauty seems hard to find. Stop thinking, start living!

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”
― Oscar Wilde

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