The Next Chapter Begins

It was a wonderful Summer. Madi and I spent days and days by the Ocean with friends and family. We soaked up the Sun, we had lots of Ice Coffee/Juice, Donuts, and Ice Cream. I personally have so many great memories of back decks and beers/Sangria. Summer 2013 officially rocked!

Now here we are in September. I was apprehensive but excited at the same time as we approached this new chapter in our life and stepped off into a great unknown – Full time work for me and back to school for Madison. We have had a great ride Miss Madi and I; full of ups and downs for sure but full of so much more love and joy than I could have possibly imagined before I had my little beauty.

The first day …  


And we didn’t cry a single tear    … talk about Growth!! We both had a wonderful day and we were both excited about our new adventure and we both wanted to go back the next day.

Life is full of seemingly small, but rather large Miracles.

We also thought it would be fun to take pictures of each other, I’m rather impressed by her camera skills but then again, she hasn’t met a touch screen she doesn’t know how to handle!

And so here we are our second week in and now I have school to add to my schedule and today at one point I started to feel like maybe I overestimated my ability to take on so much all at once and then I realized that I have to live what I preach – It’s All About Your Attitude!

ImageThe challenges are always great, but “If we are growing, we are always going to be outside our comfort zone.” * I was exhausted during class, but I made it and then I did one of my favorite things, blasted my music, windows rolled down, and enjoyed the beautiful night drive. I came home energized and feeling alive! Life is Good, your life is good too,  you just have to realize it, embrace it, and live alive.

And breath in the quiet moments that are ours to enjoy like I did on my short lunch break in the Woods … Embrace the Moment, Live Alive.



 “She didn’t Talk About It, She did It!”

Wishing You Love, Peace, & Joy Always,

Leah 🙂


*John Maxwell

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