It Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect …


I was thinking today about how often in life we seek some unattainable level of perfection. We believe that things should follow a certain pattern, we try desperately to fit in so that we can be “normal,” and spend so much wasted time on planning every little detail before we act. Not that I am saying you shouldn’t plan, of course you should! However, at some point you have to, A. Realize that every plan will in some way, go differently than anticipated and B. Get up and actually do what you’ve been talking about doing! We can wait around our whole lives seeking for the “right way” or we can move forward on this journey and trust that we will figure it all out as we go along – the important thing is to keep moving forward.

I lived for many years trying to maintain a perfect image, I was the “good girl,” and I lived to please people. Somewhere along the way though, I began to realize I really had no idea who I was or even what I wanted to be. I was so focused on this image of perfection I was missing out on the beauty that comes along with all life’s quirks and imperfections. I am learning to not only accept myself, but to embrace myself for who I am despite what other people may think or say. What has been most surprising is that the negative reactions I thought were inevitable were mostly my own mental hang ups and insecurities. I spent all of last year focusing on the word, “Authenticity,” which led to a deeper understanding of what it means to be open and vulnerable. And I started to really be brave, to take risks, to dive in to life … So much of the anxiety I had been holding onto for my entire life fell away and now, I feel that I am finally experiencing True Joy. Joy that is not based on how perfectly everything in my life may be going, rather joy based on recognizing beauty in the midst of chaos and choosing to laugh every day, even on the worst days.

I recently went through a bit of a rough patch so to speak and there were certainly moments of deep, heart breaking sadness but you know what? I laughed every single day, I made space in my life for joy, for dancing, for silliness, and I never drowned in the sorrow because my heart was too full of happiness. The happiness did not erase the pain, but it carried me through and ultimately set me free to move forward.

There’s no such thing as perfect, it just doesn’t exist – The more energy you invest in trying to attain it, the less energy you have to focus on Joy, Love, & Laughter. When you let go and focus on Joy, life has a way of surprising you …

Sometimes in life, the things that happen along the way can be difficult and often, they can be extremely painful. We must push through those moments where all seems lost. When we do, we can find a new us on the other side that is more beautiful and wise than we ever imagined. By working through these difficult changes in life, we grow into something new, better, stronger.  – Ernest Dempsey

Wishing you Joy!!



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