Love & Light

I don’t write about Faith very often anymore. I have had a Faith Shift and have been grappling with what I believe as it has been evolving. I grew up in such a strict, religious environment and now I don’t even attend church. It’s not that I’ve lost my belief in God, rather I’ve lost my faith in organized religion.

I am sure many people I used to know think that I’ve “fallen away” or “lost sight of my calling.” But the truth is, in these past couple of years I haven’t fallen away, rather I have fallen into the Wastefulness of Grace.

Dealing with my divorce has probably been one of the most crucial turning points for me. Finding God in the midst of it all has been so very difficult and yet breathtaking at the same time. Knowing that His love surpasses my brokenness is astonishing and freeing and healing.

And I am still trying to figure it all out and I still don’t fully know what I believe about religion anymore but I have never felt more at ease about who God is and the vastness of His love for me. There’s no fear in Love because Perfect Love casts out all fear.

There’s a reason for the Journey, There is purpose in the learning … We’re getting there.

– Steffany Gretzinger

I believe in the God of love & light

In the One who surrounds and engulfs and envelopes you as a whole

A whole being, just as you are

Just as you were made

In an unending Ocean of Love

Where drowning is the ultimate end

And the place where a heart can truly begin

Oh the vastness, the greatness, the richness of this Love

That not one can comprehend, prevent, or box in

It is beyond a wildest dream, it is as tender as the hearts deepest wish

Why are you afraid?

You have been led to believe it can’t be this good

You have been told it never could

Cover you

Yet there it is, this Love In the deepest parts of you

Hidden and obscured by lies and abuse, yet unchanged

Unchanged, unending, unfathomable, yet completely yours

This God of pure Love

Sets you free to let go, to give in, to enter the safest place you’ll ever know

The Depths of Love

– Leah Perez

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