Chokes my words, closes my throat


The heart aches, in the deepest place

The overflow drowns my clarity

Of all the years and along every road

I have held so tightly to this HOPE

That in everything there is purpose

In everything there is meaning

But I feel my fingers slipping

I feel myself losing the battle

After …

Fighting so hard

Fighting so long

Have I always been wrong?





Do I live for the fire
Strive for the rain?
Do I crave hanging by a thread
Losing myself?
My heart tied to your disaster
Souls without escape
All this pain, all this joy
Can I live outside this space
You have my heart
But maybe I need you to let it go
I thought you were my wings
But now I no longer fly
Because I’m tied
To this thing called “You & I”


I Wish You Could See

I wish you could see

All that I see in you

I want to find a way to

Connect the dots

So that you can find the path

To loving yourself

You sit under such a heavy weight

You bear so great a burden

Let love soothe your soul

Though your mind

Is chaos and turmoil

My love is steady and true

I can’t erase the damage

I can’t undo the pain

But I can sit here with you

And love you all the way through

l. perez




I still dream about you

And it feels so real

I wake up with a heartache

The memories

Pull me in too deep

Till I feel like I’m losing air

My heart hasn’t caught up

With what my head knows

It all came crashing down

And like my dreams end

You are no longer there

If I could taste the magic again

I would

Even if it ended exactly the same

I still would

l. perez


Sometimes I write bits and pieces here and there. I save them to my iPhone notes until I can either finish the thought or am ready to share the thought. This poem is one of those pieces that I came across today – I think sometimes I have to allow the emotion to pass before I am able to share what I was thinking at the time. When the edges have worn down a bit, that’s when I can release it. Almost as if I am letting go with words. 


Love is found in the moments

that are not so perfect

in arms that hold on

when you’re heart is bruised

it’s in the small

seemingly insignificant gestures

that hold meaning

only to you

it’s in the shared laughter

inside jokes

same sense of humor

it’s in the soul connection

that won’t let go

through the light

through the dark

it’s raw and rough and ugly

it’s beautiful and broken

it’s the place your heart

returns to again and again

because it feels like



The sound of your laughter
Echoes through my soul
A gift of time and place
Forever to cherish
Held for keeps
Woven into my heart
Words on paper
Singing through my airwaves
The taste on my lips
The touch on my skin
Will remain a part
Of everything, always


Each Other


It was

It was not

It is

Until its not

Ebb and flow

In and out

In love we whisper

In anger we shout

We strain against confines

Yet long for certainty

We are full of passion

And complacency

We breath in life

We breathe out death

We long for more

We settle for less

Dancing and dancing

Till we all fall down

We break each other’s hearts

We let emotions drown

Be quiet

Play your part

No be you

Wait … that’s too far

Silly littles games

Crafty little lies

Why do we pretend

We can’t see the truth in each other’s eyes

Chaos and Quiet

Love and Fear

Panic and Peace

Different and Same

Connection and Loss

The connecting pieces

We miss

While pretending we don’t need

Each other








City Driving

City driving
Always makes me think
of you
My heart fills and empties
Someday this nostalgia will fade
But not today
The beauty that was
Gives way to the reality that is
No matter how hard I fight it

Bumps in the road
Bridges to cross
There’s was a time I thought
It all held the map to your heart

The city sings this bittersweet song
My heart joins in
My head bows out
You and me together
We could have had everything …

Now even exit signs
Speak to me
Distant times and memories
Roads that used to lead to us
One way streets
Like pretty little lies
Red lights, goodbyes


Artificial Heart

Puppet strings

and shiny things

A shallow attempt to hide

your artificial  heart

Expectations are your puppeteer

as you grin ear to ear

A hallow attempt to be

anything but who you are

You live in this suspended state

Awaiting some different fate

But when will you realize that only you

can sever the ties

That keep your truth locked

deep inside

Ending this robotic dance

of leaving your destiny in someone else hands


via Daily Prompt: Artificial

In Light of the Full Moon

It’s just the moon talking

Don’t listen

To its sad tale of waxing and waning

Think instead of the

Steady Sun

That rises and sets

With each passing day

Through all the seasons that come

Take heart

That you too are of the Sun

Full of beauty and light

Though at times

The light is unseen

It remains still

To rise again over the darkness