City Driving

City driving
Always makes me think
of you
My heart fills and empties
Someday this nostalgia will fade
But not today
The beauty that was
Gives way to the reality that is
No matter how hard I fight it

Bumps in the road
Bridges to cross
There’s was a time I thought
It all held the map to your heart

The city sings this bittersweet song
My heart joins in
My head bows out
You and me together
We could have had everything …

Now even exit signs
Speak to me
Distant times and memories
Roads that used to lead to us
One way streets
Like pretty little lies
Red lights, goodbyes


Artificial Heart

Puppet strings

and shiny things

A shallow attempt to hide

your artificial  heart

Expectations are your puppeteer

as you grin ear to ear

A hallow attempt to be

anything but who you are

You live in this suspended state

Awaiting some different fate

But when will you realize that only you

can sever the ties

That keep your truth locked

deep inside

Ending this robotic dance

of leaving your destiny in someone else hands


via Daily Prompt: Artificial

In Light of the Full Moon

It’s just the moon talking

Don’t listen

To its sad tale of waxing and waning

Think instead of the

Steady Sun

That rises and sets

With each passing day

Through all the seasons that come

Take heart

That you too are of the Sun

Full of beauty and light

Though at times

The light is unseen

It remains still

To rise again over the darkness




Look at all these changes

Coming like the tides

To wash away the vestage

of another life

Cleaning out the closets

Where my old soul used to dwell

Taking me on a journey

Deep inside myself

I am unsettled, undone, unknown

Forced awakening

Bitter truths and sweet memories collide

Like waves crashing on my souls shore

Washing away the imprints

of certainty and order

Splintered – slate heart wiped clean

Waiting, waiting

For the next composition




Hand in Hand 

I loved you

Despite your broken wings

Because I knew

What it was like to be a broken thing

All the ways you didn’t make sense

We’re OK by me

Because I didn’t make sense either

So for once I felt free

We tried so hard

In ways no one quite understood

We were labeled lazy, we were labeled crazy

Together we stood

But I don’t understand you

And you don’t understand me

And this connection we’ve made

Feels like a stormy sea

Tell me now dear, do we have what it takes

To move beyond the need to understand

And find the deeper meaning of simply

Walking hand in hand


The Moments

It was in the moments

That I found life


And I had to stop, take a deep breath

So that I didn’t miss

The beauty.

Then I understood

That hard times are just life’s way

Of forcing the slow down.

On the happiness high

You miss a lot.

In a state of euphoria,

You overlook the details

and yet …

The beauty is in the detail.

All the tiny pieces,

Collecting in a heart,

To tell their very own story

Of Life and Love