Chokes my words, closes my throat


The heart aches, in the deepest place

The overflow drowns my clarity

Of all the years and along every road

I have held so tightly to this HOPE

That in everything there is purpose

In everything there is meaning

But I feel my fingers slipping

I feel myself losing the battle

After …

Fighting so hard

Fighting so long

Have I always been wrong?





The sound of your laughter
Echoes through my soul
A gift of time and place
Forever to cherish
Held for keeps
Woven into my heart
Words on paper
Singing through my airwaves
The taste on my lips
The touch on my skin
Will remain a part
Of everything, always


In Light of the Full Moon

It’s just the moon talking

Don’t listen

To its sad tale of waxing and waning

Think instead of the

Steady Sun

That rises and sets

With each passing day

Through all the seasons that come

Take heart

That you too are of the Sun

Full of beauty and light

Though at times

The light is unseen

It remains still

To rise again over the darkness



The Moments

It was in the moments

That I found life


And I had to stop, take a deep breath

So that I didn’t miss

The beauty.

Then I understood

That hard times are just life’s way

Of forcing the slow down.

On the happiness high

You miss a lot.

In a state of euphoria,

You overlook the details

and yet …

The beauty is in the detail.

All the tiny pieces,

Collecting in a heart,

To tell their very own story

Of Life and Love